Cathrina’s Exhibition: Callian May27 – June 5, 2017






La Chapelle des Pénitents, Callian

Du 27 mai au 5 juin 2017

De 13h à 18 h

Vernissage: le 28 mai  à 17h

Clarinette en solo et “sing along”

le 4 juin à 17h  (contributions pour Callian au Fil du Temps)

In the galleries below are some of the works I plan to exhibit…. pricing to follow….

 These are black framed 4×7 birds with color: 


These are 4 x 7 black framed ink sumi-e birds:(There are several pages to each gallery so at the bottom of the gallery, click on the number to see all images.)


These are 10 x 10 glass framed musical instruments:


These are birds on canvas: 


These are abstracts on canvas: 


The following two galleries are my wine bags. The bag is sized to fit a bottle of wine… a wonderful additional gift when you take wine or champagne to a friend.  The gallery photos have been cropped to show only the image. There are several pages to each gallery so at bottom click on the number to see all images. 

Wine bags with birds:

Wine bags with musical instruments:



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