Russ Bear!!!

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I am taking the opportunity to promote a project that our son-in-law Russ is working on… It is called Russ Bear.  Russ has written a book that is fun but also reflective that we highly recommend you read, study, breathe hard and follow. It is also a great little book for your  friends as a year-end gift.

Russ is a life coach and specializes in “authentic presentation, communications and leadership development”… he himself has a gift for relating to people and getting people to relate to others. And Russ Bear is another vehicle to help all of us breathe!

So check out his kickstart site…


Russ did some free coaching from a park bench by the lower Broadway bull! People were fascinated by the bear.


Sumi-e birds June and July 2016

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Here are some recent sumi-e birds on hand made Indian paper:



Lise Bond et Christine Christophe Exposition

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(pour voir l’atelier Daniel Bard… regardez après ..cliquez ou vous verrez “older entries” en bas du site.)

Lise est une très bonne amie à moi et elle a participé pour au moins dix ans dans l’atelier de Daniel Bard. Lise habite maintenant à La Napoule.  Elle expose entre le 24 mai et 5 juin a L’Espace Henri Mathieu à l’Annexe Marie de Mandelieu La Napoule (251 ave. du 23 Aout)… Christine Christophe expose ses patchwork superbes avec les peintures de Lise…. Bravo… et voilà quelques photos de l’expo.